Dividing Property During a Divorce

  • Is your divorce at a standstill?
  • Has it been emotionally draining trying to divide possessions?
  • Hate the though of having attorneys divide your assets by a spreadsheet?

How Personal Property Division Works

Because California is a community property state, a divorce is not final until there is an equal division of all personal assets and property accumulated during the marriage. This is often the most frustrating, emotionally charged, part of a divorce.


I mediate divisions by meeting both parties in the home and working through everything –including general household items and vehicles. As a certified appraiser, I have experience with most types of property. However, for collectables, artwork, and other specialty items, I will bring in a specialist. My purpose during this process is to act as a neutral third party expert who can facilitate an equitable distribution of assets in the midst what can be a tense emotional environment.


I combine my 20+ years of negotiating with couples in their homes with being an Accredited Personal Property Appraiser with Appraisers National Association and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant.


My experience in providing innovative solutions for clients in personal property issues, includes asset reallocation, interior design, downsizing, and organizational services for commercial and residential clients.


I’ve managed a range of projects involving creative problem solving, facilitating between couples in creating workable living spaces, transitioning to separate households, valuation and allocation of personal property.


I have also had the opportunity to be a featured guest lecturer on Life Transitions for CA State and Federal prisons, and “Transitioning to Separate Households” for Alameda County Family Law Attorneys.


To read more about my Qualifications, visit my About page.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you going come to my house?
Yes. It is important to inspect and evaluate the value of all personal property in person and to reach consensus. This is a service that attorneys generally do not provide.  I work with your attorneys in resolving your division issues.
2. Do I have to be there with my ex?
Yes. The process is much faster and the results more balanced when both people are present.
3. Should our kids be there?
Because of the complex emotions involved, I recommend that children (of any age) not be at your home during this process.
4. Do you have a method?
Yes, I have a variety of methods to divide personal property fairly and I customize the process for each couple.
5. How long will this take?
This depends on the amount of property, the size of your home, and other assets such as vacation property, recreational vehicles, and valuable collections.
6. Can’t I just get our stuff appraised and have our attorneys divide our property?
You could. I provide an appraisal service where I will go to your home, appraise all of your personal property, and give that list to your attorneys. Your attorneys will then divide your personal property and then bill both parties for their hours.