Home Redesigner

As a Home Redesigner, I update hone interiors to bring a freshness to your environment. As my client, I want to know what “Your Perfect” feels like. You know how you want your home to feel, I know how to make that feeling a reality. Whether for updating your living space or staging a house for sale, I offer a fresh perspective of what is available and what is possible.

After over 15 years in the industry, I specialize in:

  • Home Reality Checks – What can you actually do with the space on your budget.
  • Decorating Dilemmas – Solutions for those awkward layouts that work for you.

I can help you reinvision your space and eliminate the excess.

Your home serves a multitude of needs. As a sanctuary, crash pad, living space, office space, party space, or pet place, you want the parts to form a uniform whole. I work with you, your space, your possessions, and your lifestyle to create the space you need.